Effective Team Building for Peak Performance

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  • Author: NEXIM Bank
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Course overview
Welcome to the eLearning Course on Team Building for Peak Performance. An organization's identity will depend on the nature of the team.
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Putting together a high-performing team entails more than merely putting together a bunch of talented people at random. To be genuinely effective, a team's members must be united by a shared goal and motivated to see that vision realized. They must all have clear, quantifiable goals and be committed to contributing to the group's overall success

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NEXIM - The Doorway to Export Possibilities
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The Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM) is an Export Credit Agency established by the Nigerian Export-Import Bank Act 1991 with the following mandate:
  • To provide risk-bearing and credit facilities in support of export trade;
  • To extend financial support and other export trade services to exporters and banks in the form of pre-and post-shipment financing; and
  • To extend project financing, opening and confirmation of letters of credit, export credit insurance and export credit guarantees.

The key takeaways from the course are;
  • Describe the stages involved in team development,
  • Identify various roles in a team, 
  • List the success factors in team building,
  • Differentiate between a' TEAM’ and a ‘GROUP’,
  • Explain the benefits of working in a team.