Customer Identification Program

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Course overview
Welcome to the NEXIM Customer Identification Program eLearning Course, an internal Online Programme for all Staff of the Bank. This is a basic and important course about how the bank ensures one of its key operations is carried out safely and efficiently. Happy Learning!
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Regulators around the world have recognized the importance of Finance Institutions (FIs) having appropriate procedures in place to  know their customers. A sound Customer Identification Program is the best way to prevent money laundering and save the bank a lot of trouble. The NEXIM Academy has turned the Customer Identification Program into an interesting and simple eLearning course that you can access from anywhere, at any time, on your mobile device. 

And guess what? You can download the NEXIM Academy Mobile App from the Android and iOS Stores and continue your learning. 


At the end of this course, you will have gained the following:

    • Know what Customer Identification Program stands for.
    • Understand the Customer Due Diligence.
    • Understand the Enhanced Due Diligence.
    • Be better equipped to identify customers or transactions that may be risky for the bank.

Customer Identification Program

This course can only be accessed by staff of NEXIM and you can access the course by simply logging in with your credentials. 
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Meet the Instructor

This course is delivered by Mr. Murtala Datti, the current Head of Project Finance, of behalf of the Bank. 

Mr. Murtala Datti, Head Project Finance, NEXIM


This course is delivered by Mr. Murtala Ibrahim, the current Head of Project Finance, of behalf of the Bank.
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NEXIM was established by Act 38 of 1991 as an Export Credit Agency (ECA) with a share capital of N50, 000,000,000 (Fifty Billion Naira) held equally by the Federal Ministry of Finance Incorporated and the Central Bank of Nigeria. The Bank presently provides short and medium term loans to Nigerian exporters. It also provides short term guarantees for loans granted by Nigerian Banks to exporters as well as credit insurance against political and commercial risks in the event of non-payment by foreign buyers.
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